Dependent Assemblies / Kasma SF (reprint)

'“Purity of blood, purity of spirit. One nation united by the river, one nation united under the sun” – Elias Rojas presidential campaign slogan, Buenos Aires 1894.

Alfonso and Marcelo were cold and tired as they shovelled the dirt onto Celia’s small body in the shallow grave. Alfonso dared himself to look down, catching a glimpse of her porcelain fingers and the yellowing heads of the freesias that they had buried with her in the garden. He wanted to cry, but all he felt was an aching numbness in his fingertips.'

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London Calling / Strange Horizons

 Image courtesy of Kathleen Jennings

Image courtesy of Kathleen Jennings

"Like a picture on a badly tuned TV, Ingrid saw in her mind’s eye enormous, scaled feet emerge from the concrete around Camden, Wandsworth, Hackney, and nearby Tower Hamlets. As the city stood and walked, roads snapped like liquorice, and paving stones fell and shattered.
A great albino dinosaur, the city wobbled across the concrete yoke of the M25, trailing umbilical water pipes and strings of electricity pylons that danced behind it like jumping jacks ..."

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USE ONCE AND DESTROY / Persistent Visions Magazine

"Am stumbling down tired and sucking in two cigarettes when Little Mickey looses the finger. Good smokes too, ones he’s owed me long time and figure he must’ve paid a couple of half-decent memories to get them."

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Juan the Magnificent / The Breakroom Stories

"Juan the orphan joined the Circus Invisible on the afternoon of his ninth birthday, but he spent that morning, like any other, wandering his neighbourhood of Sant Pere looking for something to eat. Stomach grumbling, he picked his way through the darkened alleyways hung with loops of washing and lined with convenience stores, hair parlours and family shops that only sold pyjamas or underpants ..."

Black Milk / Disclaimer Magazine

Black Milk / Disclaimer Magazine

"Chest-meat, top-bollocks, sweater-puppies, melons, hangers, Georgie Bests, Eartha Kitts. All shapes and sizes, weights and measures. Ultimately though, "tits are just bits" as the philosopher once said, and in point of fact, once you get to know the girls you don’t really notice their chests."

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Upwards behind the Onstreaming ... / Liars' League

This story was performed by the very talented Tony Bell for the April 2014 meeting of the Liar's League as part of their "Truth or Dare" event. Click on the link below to watch his performance. 


... ‘I can arrange that for you,’ says a voice from beneath Keith’s feet.
He looks down. There amongst the bloom of concentric shadows are the black overlapping petals of a mouth. The figure has no eyes and no nose, but there is what might pass for hands, which the clustered lights extend into webs of long, tentacular fingers.
’Arrange what?’ says Keith to the shadow.
’For you to forget,’ it replies. Its voice is similar to his, he supposes, if he had gone to a better school.

Automatic Diamanté / Starship Sofa 306

"... And then something breaks in my head and a voice that isn't mine, but which I know is me shrieks, "I am Tlaloc, the bringer of rain and watery death, fucker and when I get out of this cell, I am going to tear your fleshy limbs off one by one. I am going to skull fuck you until your eye sockets are just poke-holes filled with blood-". 

They shut off my voice. 10005. I don't know what happened. 10005. I am frightened. I am sorry. 10018. 10018. Please come back ..."

This story was runner up in the James White Award 2012 and subsequently published in Interzone Issue 247. The lovely people at Starship Sofa podcast a version of it in October of that year, featuring the voice talent of the amazing Mr Nick Camm. Click on the link below to listen to it.

 Richard Sampson's illustration for Automatic Diamanté from Interzone #247

Richard Sampson's illustration for Automatic Diamanté from Interzone #247

Boys Keep Swinging / Silverthought Online

"Charlie showered late like always. During the process his dick came off in his hands. He sighed and wrapped the withered stump in folds of toilet paper before tossing it into the wastebasket for the maid to throw out later ... Charlie knew he shouldn’t, but he peed in the shower. There was a brief stinging sensation and then a yellow stream sprayed out of the stump in his crotch and ricocheted down the plug."

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The Light Pours Out of Me / Everyday Weirdness

"We are back in the flat before I realise where this is going. As we reach the door, instead of opening it, you lean against it. You put your hand on the back of my neck. I slide towards you. The liquor still burns at the pit of my belly. I concentrate to focus. Your mouth is pink and full. You smile lopsidedly, pulling my head towards you. Our lips brush. My mouth tingles. Your lips are impossibly soft. I taste tequila and salt."

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