Automatic Diamanté / StarshipSofa

... And then something breaks in my head and a voice that isn't mine, but which I know is me shrieks, "I am Tlaloc, the bringer of rain and watery death, fucker and when I get out of this cell, I am going to tear your fleshy limbs off one by one. I am going to skull fuck you until your eye sockets are just poke-holes filled with blood-". 
They shut off my voice. 10005. I don't know what happened. 10005. I am frightened. I am sorry. 10018. 10018. Please come back ..."

Originally broadcast on StarShipSofa in late September 2013, it's recently been rerun as part of their StarShipEchoes strand, features an amazing narration by the wonderful Mr Nick Camm.

Enjoy it here.

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